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NEFBA selects builder for new office site

NEFBA has called the building at 103 Century 21 Drive home since 1993.

For the past 23 years, NEFBA offices have occupied suite 100, and other NEFBA entities, such as the Apprenticeship Program and Builders Care, have used separate space in the building.

As NEFBA grew and the members were scattered throughout a four-county area, there was a realization that perhaps a more centralized location would better serve members.

In 2012, NEFBA leadership decided to put the building on the market as the initial step in finding a more convenient location for members.

When the building was sold, NEFBA agreed to lease space for five years. This allowed time to search and plan.

An 11-member Building Committee, chaired by past president Glenn Layton (2009) and composed primarily of other past presidents, made the decision to purchase a 3.9-acre plot, a recommendation that was approved by NEFBA’s board of directors.

“The Southpoint area is convenient to both Interstate 95 and Butler Boulevard,” said Executive Officer Corey Deal. “We found and purchased a nearly 4-acre plot and brought in architect Erik Kasper to begin drafting plans for the 10,000-square-foot office building.”

Kasper, founder and president of Kasper Architecture and a NEFBA member, is working with the Building Subcommittee that includes NEFBA past presidents Rick Morales (2015) of Morales Construction Co.; Barbara Moore (2012), division president of Lennar Homes; and Layton, founder and president of Glenn Layton Homes. 

Another major step was announced at last month’s board meeting: Thomas May Construction’s bid was accepted and the company was awarded the project.

Thomas May Construction, a longtime NEFBA member, was established in 1985 and specializes in nonresidential construction.

“We are excited about the move,” Layton said. “We believe the convenience of the location will promote member participation in workshops, meetings and NEFBA events.

“It’s a sign of our growth and confidence in the association,” he said. “Our goal is to make the association more accessible and a source of pride for members.”

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